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Gate Automation Service

Covering all needs for the gate functionality. We can offer the combined service of automation and security

Make your own scenario.

It is a headache to control gates with high traffic and multiple users. GATOR is a service like a platform to operate any gate automation scenario.

Control your connected gates in one view.

GATOR has developed a flexible and reusable mobile gate automation system which makes it far easier to control and secure property. Automation can be installed to all new and most existing gates and doors.

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The idea of GATOR automation system is simple.

Multiple Users

GATOR supports countless users on a single device. Its perfect for the gated community, high traffic barriers or industrial gates.

Custom Scenario

The best solution for separating users in roles. Make different settings for guests, service staff or whatever you like.


You can drag and drop a widget on a phone screen where can operate and see the live status of your gates.


Not always posible to operate gates manualy. This is where schedules comes handy.

Let’s make something great together.

Let us know what challenges you are trying to solve so we can help.

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